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Hello everyone!

I am travel blogger, freelance creative writer and also a musician. I would like to have any opportunity to work in the travel industry.

If you have any idea on how we can work-out together, please write me! I am open for all experimental.
My journeys were atypical ways to undergo like local people daily routine activities. Thus I would like to share my experiences which I considered as hefty of information.

I have been in 58 countries and I can share lot reviews about precise country.

Additionally, I am doable of media press trips, exclusive tours across the world, branding/ hospitality partners, promote or write about places, food and culture and last but not least the reviews about the places where I have been too such as accommodation, cafes ect.

Lastly, I am keen to have collaboration with merchandiser, hospitality sector, volunteers’ organization, NGO and another travel bloggers.


I like working in a different way!

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